Our Repair & Design Services

From email issues to hardware malfunctions, PrescriptionPC provides a multitude of services to assist you with computer related problems including web and graphics design. If you're having Windows problems, trouble with your Email, your computer hardware may be malfunctioning or or perhaps you just need file backups of your photos, videos, etc., we provide these services and more including computer/internet training and printer/fax repairs.

Computer Repair

With over 10+ years of experience, PrescriptionPC can assist you with diagnosing a variety of computer related issues.

Computer Attacks

Computer attacks happen - mostly through viruses, websites with malicious scripts and more - we'll make sure you're protected.

Email Help

Most of us rely on our email daily and we can assist you with setting up your email and more.

Remote Help

Too far for us to help? No problem! We can connect with you remotely to assist you.

Hardware Issues

PC's do experience hardware related issues or failure - we test your hardware to determine hardware failure.

Data Backups

Want to backup your data so you don't lose it? We can provide you some options for your personal data.

Web Design

We provide web design, graphics design, SEO and Ecommerce services - per hour or flat rate pricing options!

Printer Repair

Printers, like computers, also require maintenance and/or repair. We'll diagnose your printer/fax and assess repairs.

Pick Up/Drop Off Service

We provide efficiency with our Pick up/drop Service. We will pick up computer at your location, take it with us to diagnose and repair and then return it back to your location (fees apply)


We'll pick up your computer at your location


We'll troubleshoot your problem


We will diagnose it and fix the problem


Once your computer is fixed, we'll drop it off to you

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