Computer Attacks

A computer attack is an assault upon your computer – even if you don’t know it’s happening.

Attacks are defined as viruses, trojans, worms, malicious scripts, hacking, malware and more.  These attacks can sometimes be harmless while others are can cripple your software, operating system and even pilfer your identity, steal passwords and a host of other cyber crimes.

It is vital to the integrity of your computer that you protected from these attacks and to prevent future ones. It’s our job to ensure that we scrub your computer clean, quarantine any files that are found to be malicious in nature and ensure that you are protected.

How do you know if you have a virus? Your computer is “slow”, you have ads popping up that you didn’t have before, your browser’s homepage changed (browser hijacking), your antivirus has been disabled, you have people who have received strange messages from you, your operating system control panel is no longer accessible – the list is too big to list here, but you get the point.

You’re probably asking how this happened, right? Just surfing the internet can produce vulnerability to viruses and other malicious software entering your computer – clicking on links to websites you’ve never visited before – clicking on a link in an email sent by a virus from someone you know – visiting “naughty” websites. Then again, you may be telling yourself that you don’t do any of these things, yet you may have a virus. Yes, it can happen without you knowing and we don’t blame you!

If you have an existing antivirus software and you used it to scan your computer for viruses and you still think there is one (more more) lingering in your computer, pick up the phone and call us to email us – we’ll take a look at your computer and let you know what’s going on – we promise!

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