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Computer Classes

You’re never too young – or too old to learn how to use a computer!

PrescriptionPC.com has over 20 years of combined computer experience – and we want to share this knowledge with you!

Either you or someone you know knows how to use a computer, but there’s a large amount of people who still don’t desire to use a computer or are fearful of using a computer. We want to take that fear and convert that into a friendly experience for you to enjoy!

Whether you never touched a computer or not, we will take the time to sit with you and show you just how easy it is to use a computer or surf the internet, share your favorite photos with loved ones, send emails or any other desires you have.

Tablets or ipads are sometimes the choice of computer users because of their mobility and touch-screen capability offering apps for social networking or enjoy playing your favorite games. Laptops and desktop computers are ideal if you dabble in word processing or spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Word (for typing letters and such) and for downloading images, videos and more.

We work with all types of devices that you’re comfortable with – after all, computers have dominated this day and age where it has become the source of communications, staying in touch with loved ones, playing games or for more serious purposes such as conducting business.

No matter what you want to do with a computer, we’ll take the time and show you! Give us a call @ (203) 982-9999 or use the form below and we’ll gladly schedule a day that’s convenient for you to make your learning experience a pleasurable one 🙂

    Computer Training Request Form

    Please use the form below to provide us the information we need to schedule you for a training class. Training can be one-on-one or a few individuals at a time. Training may commence at your home location or a facility. Individuals 55+ are encouraged to take advantage of our training classes.

    Personal Information

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