Computer Repair

Computer Repair is a very generic term used by PC technicians, but in reality, the term does have an intentional meaning.

Computer (or PC) repair relates to a software and/or hardware problem you are experiencing with your computer – it’s that simple. Sometimes, a software issue (such as a device driver) is failing which produces the failure of a hardware item and it’s our job to figure out where it started the domino effect. Maybe your computer is “slow” to boot, load or run…perhaps you’re looking for an upgrade to speed up your computer or increase your hard drive capacity.

We know it can be VERY frustrating when something goes wrong with your computer and we totally get that – we (meaning you and me) rely on a computer for a multitude of tasks to simplify our lives and become the convenience they were manufactured for.

I want you to know right now that PrescriptionPC is your go-to place when you have a computer problem. Call us (we don’t bite), email us (we check our email consistently throughout the day and even into the late hours of the day) and let us know what’s going on – we’re here to help and we just want you to know that, ok?

That being said, We hope we’ve put in a comfort zone knowing that we’re here for you, we’ll make best efforts to provide you the most cost-effective solution to your problem and we’ll do it as quickly as possible.

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