Customize Windows

With so many different versions of Microsoft Windows out there, each one will have its own configuration and well….you want yours!

We all want our operating system customized to our specifications as much as possible as well as providing a convenience to access folders, programs, data files (images, videos, music, etc.) and unless you take a course, this can be a daunting task for most.

If you want your computer set up a certain “way” (what loads up and what doesn’t), if you want or don’t want certain icons on your desktop or taskbar, if you want certain programs to launch when you click on a specific file type, if you want an email link to open a program or browser – then consider PrescriptionPC to help you with all of these tasks! After all, it’s your computer and we want you to be happy with it – even love it! This can be done if we have things the way we want them – this concept provides a great convenience to us all and will increase our efficiency no matter what we do with our computer.

So let’s set up your computer the way YOU want – give us a call or email us today.

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