Data Backup

Data or file backups are crucial to protecting your personal files. Everything you save on your computer is stored on your hard drive, but if the hard drive fails or malfunctions and the data is not recoverable, you have lost your files permanently – this may be a worst case scenario, but we’ve seen it happen.

It is imperative that you backup your files – especially your personal (or even business) files on a portable device such as a CD, flash/thumb drive or storage device. We cringe when we receive a phone call or email indicating that someone’s computer no longer boots up or is determined later that a hard drive failed and files are non-recoverable – this is disastrous for anyone who experiences this and PrescriptionPC would like to offer you backup services of your files on a device of your choice or recommended by us. We exercise full discretion and respect your right to privacy – whether you want to backup personal files or business files, we can do this for you at your location so that you are present to see everything we do to protect your data.

Give us a call or send us an email if you’re interested in backing up your files.

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