Hardware Upgrades & Troubleshooting

The hardware on your computer is comprised of many elements including the motherboard. A hardware failure can occur at any time for any reason and PrescriptionPC will diagnose the failure or malfunction to determine if the hardware device can be fixed or requires replacing – even upgrading.

Hardware items that can be replaced are the CD-ROM, memory, hard drive, graphics cards and even your power supply. Any computer hardware item is not always “fixable”, but it can be replaced and we have become very efficient at hardware replacements for a desktop computer. Laptop computers are a bit different in this aspect as hardware replacements are limited while most of the hardware components are soldered onto the motherboard of the computer.

Sometimes software can disable a device from functioning because the driver the makes the device perform has failed or is no longer responding – so it’s not always the hardware item that failed, but the driver that makes it run did. If you’re unsure on this or you think a hardware item is no longer working, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be glad to have a look at it to determine the failure.

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